Weekend Trip to dream Job

Be ready to jobsearch, apply & interview within only 3 days.

  • Is your application process driving you crazy?
  • Do you spend hours every week optimizing your CV, but you are still unsure if it is really good?
  • Do you wish somebody would finally tell you how to write a great cover letter?
  • Do you feel that you have not done badly in interviews so far, but they have still not resulted in a job offer?
  • Have you tried networking on LinkedIn to access that Hidden Jobmarket you have heard of, but it’s not working?
  • Did all the rejections you have gotten so far drain your confidence and motivation?

If some or all of this sounds like you - then it is time to stop & relax

An application phase should not be more than a short interval in your life on your way to your dream job – and it should not be this hard!

I strongly believe that 3 days of your time are enough to get good documents together, create a viable jobsearch strategy and prepare for interviews.


Go All-In for 3 days

and join my live online course

Weekend trip to dream job

This is what we will achieve together

  • Identify your core strengths, motivation & achievements as a foundation for your application & interviews
  • Create a great CV that represents the real you
  • Have a minimum of 1 targeted cover letter ready to be send out
  • Have a jobsearch & application strategy in hand with easy to follow steps that you can implement into your daily & weekly schedule
  • Prepared a great self introduction for interviews & learned how to answer interview questions

And then: Let's keep the offers coming!

…Ok. Let’s not be overoptimistic. The past pandemic year has taught us, that jobsearching during this time takes a special amount of patience and motivation. 

To boost your motivation longterm you will

Have a community group on LinkedIn where you will receive regular motivation boosts & further tips from me & the other participants for 2 months after the course.
We will celebrate every small step to success together, share open jobs and give feedback.

How does that sound?

So are you all-in?

This is how it works

Dates & Time

Day 1: Monday, June 28th 2021
Day 2: Tuesday, June 29th 2021
Day 3: Wednesday, June 30th 2021
Each day from 9:00 – 18:00.


We will meet on Zoom and in our private LinkedIn Community Group


Participation is open for 6 selected international engineers & technical experts currently searching for jobs in Germany



Special Offer: € 290,- 

Regular Prize: € 450,- 

for all 3 days including material & 2 month LinkedIn Community support*

*Contact me via E-Mail if paying in instalments will help you.

How to sign up

Simply send and E-Mail saying

„I’m All-In“

Attach your current CV status (no need to optimise first – we want to see the level of improvement)

That’s it!

You will then receive an invoice & Welcome Information


For any open questions just send me an E-Mail to:


Topics Covered

Was this too much reading? Here is a summary of what you will get:

  • 3 days live online training in a small group of 9 other international engineers via Zoom
  • 9 hours in total of input & review from me
  • Material & tasks to complete that will lead to excellent application documents
    (Cover letter, CV + LinkedIn profile)
  • Review for everything you do within the course
  • Interview preparation & practise
  • Jobsearch & networking strategy
  • 2 months LinkedIn community with extra support, motivation and input

Materials include:

  • Strengths, Skills & Achievements Canvas
  • Create an expert LinkedIn profile Checklist
  • Cover letter guideline
  • Different CV templates to choose from
  • Interview preparation guideline
  • Jobsearch Strategy Plan
  • Templates for LinkedIn networking messages

But most importantly

clarity & confidence that you're on the right path to your dream job


In this video I am answering 3 of the most frequently asked questions about the programme:

  • What is the benefit of doing this course compared to 1:1 sessions?
  • Will I get a personal review from you for my documents?
  • What if I still can’t find a job after completing the course?

About me

Sarah Grötzinger

Career Coach & Trainer

Hi, my name is Sarah. For 10 years I have worked in recruiting, talent management & HR marketing. During that time, I scanned more than 20 000 applications, conducted over 2000 interviews and hired several hundred German as well as international engineers & technical experts on all levels, mainly for the automotive industry. After further education as a certified Coach & Trainer, I have supported over 40 clients within the past year to make the next step in their career in Germany and it would be my pleasure to help you next.

Ready to start the trip?